I’ve been warned my whole life about the trust I give so easily to people. I was warned about being taken advantage of. I know I give too much & I forgive & forget too easily, but my threshold for bullshit is just higher than most people. I do have a limit to what I will allow. Well, I’ve reached my limit with a few close people in my life and I’m very cautious with a few others. My last post was my immediate reaction to something old being renewed and I am just done with it all, and with all of them.

I am making a conscious decision to keep the negative people who only want to see me suffer and fail out of my life. And at the same time, keeping the people who want the best for me, no matter what it is I decide to do for myself, as close as I can, even if that means I stand alone. That’s what I am doing.


5 Thoughts

  1. You can always count on my shoulder. What ever choice you make I’m here for you. Your a strong and loving person and I am proud to be in your life. Lets do this shit!!!


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