Well, another work week is done and it’s Friday night and unlike all the Fridays before for the last 9 months or so, I’m going out! I need to let loose and have some fun! It’s long overdue. I got paid today. My bills are all paid and all I’ve got to do now is enjoy life! This being single thing has it’s perks! The best way to get over the habits you had with someone else is to get out and do things you haven’t done before and be open to anything! I’m so looking forward to tonight! And tomorrow! LIFE IS GOOD! Really good! Have a great weekend!

3 responses to “Out”

  1. Hunting Veritas Avatar
    Hunting Veritas

    Once upon a Friday evening…FUCK YOU…the end. LOL


  2. I was wanting to hear what you did on friday also. Do tell single lady.


  3. i cant wait to hear about your evening. i want t know what new things you did, what you experienced, what you look forward to. let’s share some hope (and immorality) soon.


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