I don’t vote.

Just plain & simple, I don’t vote. I am registered to vote but I haven’t voted in a while. I decided to not vote for a couple reasons. The main reason is, I hate to argue. No matter who I end up voting for, there’s always going to be someone that will want to blame me for all the trouble the U.S. is having and I take the blame for too many things that aren’t my fault as it is now. I don’t need that on my shoulders too. So there. IDGAF!

3 responses to “I don’t vote.”

  1. LOL.. yeah Jury duty thats where you shout “Hang em” so to get thrown out ..


  2. Yeah understand where your coming from but then again you cant discuss if youve not voted & its you right and duty too ! especially considering the mess we are all in I think going round whit a hat for a collection might also be a good idea.


    1. I think the only reason they have us ‘vote’ is so they have people that are smart enough to complete a ballot to pull from for jury duty. LOL


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