It’s coming…

I’m trying hard to not become sad about the Holidays. It’s hard to swallow having to be alone again for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Last year was really hard and I swore that this year wouldn’t be the same but here it is less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving & it looks like I’ll be alone again.

How do I let go of someone I love that doesn’t love me, but just uses me and I let him because I can’t let go? When will I have enough of it? It’s so miserable when reality sinks in. I try to walk away. I try to occupy my time in other ways. But it always goes right back to him and I am just frustrated and disgusted. Six years of frustration & disgust. It’s ruining me. I need it to stop. Like the saying goes, either shit, or get off the pot. For fucks sake!

5 responses to “It’s coming…”

  1. hi
    I read abt your blog i can see you are very emotional. you need to be practical fight this world
    if your emotional people will use you will take advantage of your emotion.Dont show you are helpless you have show what you are why that person will need you and he will be after you
    be strong. have your own image you look good look very smart i have no idea what i am saying make some sense to you but definate dont go after things that were never yours


  2. Get in touch with me sometime. My ear is always ready to listen.


  3. Do not get frustrated. Letting go of someone you love is the hardest things to do,
    You need to try and move on without jumping into another relationship right away.
    Remember you are the most important person in your life.
    Wish i could help you more.


    1. Thank you Brian. Your words help more than you know.


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