So this codependent thing has really changed things for me. All of a sudden, I see everything in a new light. So much so that I decided to talk about codependency with the man I’ve been tangled up with for 6 years and his reaction to my curiosity made me realize just how harmful my involvement with him was and within hours decided I didn’t want to continue our ‘relationship’ any longer and ended it. Now, being that I am codependent on him, I know it will be hard for me to not fall into the next harmful relationship right away. Or worse, go back to him. I have decided to get therapy. I’m having to work through some bad habits I’ve developed which I know will take time. But for the most part I’m just going to stay calm and let it all just flow as it will. I’m going to accept invitations I wouldn’t have normally accepted before and deny the one’s that I should. Anyhow, I am fully aware now of my past choices that have caused me so much trouble and I take responsibility for my own happiness from now on. I know I have the strength and will to keep me safe & happy and I’m not ever going back again.

2 responses to “Codependent”

  1. Darla ,

    You know me on jm as Dalex , haven’t spoke to you for a while
    And reading above a lot if water has passed since , I simply say
    Be strong in yourself and let friends and therapists help where they
    Can , I hoped to be your friend from accross the pond xxx


  2. Come wander close and let’s talk soon.


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