Less than a month

My 40th birthday is 27 days away. I am not sure what I am going to do for it yet. Probably have the usual annual dinner at my favorite restaurant with my family. But I really am wanting to do something more special. Not sure what just yet. I’m looking forward to my 40’s. I have a lot of things to accomplish still.

7 responses to “Less than a month”

  1. I am sure you made the most of your birthday and the homeless people in your town are much better for it. Happy Birthday to……..you?


    1. There’s no homeless people in my town.


  2. Well your 40th Birthday and come and gone, and I am sure you made the most of it. Happy 40th, hope to catch you sometime.


  3. Happy Birthday Darla Jean !


  4. I like what “youknow” said. That would be a great birthday for you and them.


  5. hey sweetie its tansed from jm..hope you are well and yoru 40 turns out to have plenty of excitement in it 🙂 x


  6. How about this….stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop with the self pity, and maybe use your birthday as a way of helping others ! For example…How about going down to the local homeless shelter in Pleasanton and feed them, clothe them, give them some hope…yeah yeah…now THAT would be a great birthday ! Not for you but for THEM !


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