2/23/34 to 7/23/13

My mom passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with cancer maybe 2 months ago and fought to stay alive til the last breath. She was surrounded by the people she loved and that love her. My brother and I spoke to her and let her know that we would be alright and that she can let go and within a few minutes she was gone.

I felt her strength come into me.

Today I woke up for the first time without both my parents. There’s no one there now to catch me if I fall. So I decided right then & there that I will never let myself fall. My daughters need my strength now more than ever and I am ready to move forward with them alone.

A person doesn’t really ever grow up until they no longer have the safety of their parents. When I watched her slip away I felt myself becoming the strength my family needs. I’m sad that she is gone, but feel relief that I am free now to evolve into the woman I am meant to be.

Rest in peace mom. Rest in peace.