2/23/34 to 7/23/13

My mom passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with cancer maybe 2 months ago and fought to stay alive til the last breath. She was surrounded by the people she loved and that love her. My brother and I spoke to her and let her know that we would be alright and that she can let go and within a few minutes she was gone.

I felt her strength come into me.

Today I woke up for the first time without both my parents. There’s no one there now to catch me if I fall. So I decided right then & there that I will never let myself fall. My daughters need my strength now more than ever and I am ready to move forward with them alone.

A person doesn’t really ever grow up until they no longer have the safety of their parents. When I watched her slip away I felt myself becoming the strength my family needs. I’m sad that she is gone, but feel relief that I am free now to evolve into the woman I am meant to be.

Rest in peace mom. Rest in peace.

6 responses to “2/23/34 to 7/23/13”

  1. You are and always will be a strong woman.
    We all as children depend on our parents, even as we become adults.
    I lost my father just over two years ago and take care of my mother suffering from Alzheimer’s.
    It has made me a much better man and I have never been closer to my mother.
    She is also my best friend.
    I cannot imagine her gone nor how bad the pain and sorrow will be.
    You are going through it now and my heart goes out to you.
    I just hope to be as strong and brave as you are.
    Take care and god bless.
    Your mother sounds like she was a great woman.
    Just like you.


  2. alitegoalie34 Avatar

    As long as you always remember your mom, she will never be gone. Hold on to the memories and she will always be there with you. I’m so sorry that she has passed. I’m sure she’s smiling upon you. Xo


  3. There really isn’t a way that I can use words to express feelings to you at this monumental crossroad of life. Perhaps that is why the people at a funeral home that mean the most to us are the ones who sit quietly by, not giving platitudes of “she’s better off” or “be strong and you will make it,” but the reassurance of presence. If you stand, know you stand because of the woman you have become through the mix of the influences of people like your mom. And if you fall, fall near one who doesn’t judge, but dusts you off and encourages you to stand again. You’re loved. May your mother rest in peace knowing that her daughter will stand.


    1. Thank you. That was beautiful. Thank you so much…I know where those people are that you speak of. Thank you.


      1. I hope you count me as one.


        1. Of course. You know that.


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