Movin on up or East

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’ve decided it’s time to move out of my house and to a new town. I don’t make decisions like this easily or often, I’ve lived in the same town all my life, and in this same house for 28 out of 40 years. But it’s time. I’ve got so much negativity in this house from past memories and relationships and fights and loss of pets. Seeing the concrete work my dad did when I was a little girl, where he and I wrote my name in it together just hurts right now…I wish I could have him here still to protect me from everything. The trees that he and I planted are so huge now that it’s time to get rid of the since they are starting to cause damage to the retaining walls and walkways. It’s just time to start a new life.


I am so excited. So my plan is to find a new place so we can move next summer, between Junior High & High School for my youngest. I have a lot to do on my house to get it ready to rent out. So it’ll take me at least that long to purge everything I don’t need, make all the repairs and finish the undone projects.

3 responses to “Movin on up or East”

  1. How far east are you thinking of going?


  2. That is a very good idea,
    if you do not pack your past



  3. I sent you the best wishes and postitive thoughts as you begin this new journey.


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