So thankful

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I am so thankful for who I am. I wrote this post a year ago about a situation that hurt me deeply. It took me a long time to come to the painful decision to cut some people out of my life that were causing me nothing but negativity. A year has gone by and the decision I made, when I made it couldn’t have come at a better time. I got to prove who I am and that’s worth every last dime that was spent. I’m no suck ass. To anyone. For anything.

4 responses to “So thankful”

  1. Occasionally we witness things in life that are so powerful … so potent … so passionate that the only thing that we can really be is thankful. Thankful that we witnessed it, thankful for the relationship that we have with it and to it, thankful that it sheds hope and vision and excitement for the day. I am grateful to be such a witness … and a friend.


  2. That’s good thing to hear and I saw you on cam today .. You looked content .. I tried to chat with you but you were busy 🙂


  3. i’m proud of you girl. Never settle for less than the best for YOU


  4. You are a jewel. I love the new pictures and the redesign of the home page. Sometimes the things that we give up actually becomes like pruning a tree or plant. The pruning helps us flourish. You are about to blossom … I feel it.


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