Why does doubt sink in like it does to me? Why lately have I started to see myself differently? I know I am my worst critic but lately I’ve been doubly hard on myself. Have I really changed that quickly that it’s noticeable even to me? I’m starting to understand why women over 40 end up wanting a tune up. Everything seems a little softer to me lately. So much so that I’ve actually thought about exercising. Which is not like me at all. I don’t want to be all washed up and flabby. I know I can change it but the question is will I? I’m the type that will end up beating myself up over it & never doing anything about it which will lead to it getting worse. That will just cause a snowball affect. Depression. Flab. More depression. More flab. I need to not doubt myself. I need to see myself the way others see me. The flaws I see seem to be marks of beauty to others. I’m not judgmental of others, why do I judge me so harshly? I am beautiful on the inside. Why do I feel so ugly on the outside? That hurts me inside. I’m just down right now. Not feeling worthy of love or adoration. I need to do something good for me to pick myself back up before all I see is just more flab. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone.