Why does doubt sink in like it does to me? Why lately have I started to see myself differently? I know I am my worst critic but lately I’ve been doubly hard on myself. Have I really changed that quickly that it’s noticeable even to me? I’m starting to understand why women over 40 end up wanting a tune up. Everything seems a little softer to me lately. So much so that I’ve actually thought about exercising. Which is not like me at all. I don’t want to be all washed up and flabby. I know I can change it but the question is will I? I’m the type that will end up beating myself up over it & never doing anything about it which will lead to it getting worse. That will just cause a snowball affect. Depression. Flab. More depression. More flab. I need to not doubt myself. I need to see myself the way others see me. The flaws I see seem to be marks of beauty to others. I’m not judgmental of others, why do I judge me so harshly? I am beautiful on the inside. Why do I feel so ugly on the outside? That hurts me inside. I’m just down right now. Not feeling worthy of love or adoration. I need to do something good for me to pick myself back up before all I see is just more flab. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone. 

3 responses to “Doubt”

  1. My observation is that since I have known you, you have had high standards for your yourself. You don’t place the standards on others because you seem to be quite gracious to others. I think we all tend to find things to criticize about the way we look when others either overlook the flaw or don’t even notice it. Having known you long enough to have seen you from several vantage points, my observation is that you are stunningly beautiful – your skin, your eyes, your figure radiate an attractive appeal. Your sexuality is both powerful and addictive. Your spirit is kind, yet impishly playful. I hope your weekend was good .. and that our paths cross soon.


  2. well ive seen you time or too and in my opinion you look great to me–but I do know where you are coming from–just getting old I guess..but I lost some weight only cause I didn’t how I looked in mirror–and im a bit healthier now–so I kind of understand what you mean..and after 2 weeks ago of getting layed off I was a bit depressed–but I knew im the only 1 that can change that so I got off my ass and got a new job—this xmas wont be great but after a month I know itll be better–still sucks but life goes on–anyways im blabbing on–itll get better–keep ya head up–your a gorgeous smart woman xxxoooo–buzz me anytime,,hope I helped a bit


  3. It’s called feeling down !! Time for holiday 🙂


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