It seems to me lately, that the single people I know don’t really want a relationship in the traditional sense of the word. I’ve always led my life believing that you were either single and looking for a relationship or in a relationship. Not until the past 6 months or so, did I really come to appreciate just being single. I think I have always defined who I was based on who I was with. So if I were single, I felt no real identity of my own. That’s a scary lonely place. Not knowing who you are or what you’re worth. I always had an urgency to have to find another boyfriend to be with so I had a place in life that I could mold & change and to just function every day. But now, as I am getting closer & closer to my next birthday again, I am enjoying me. I like who I am, not always, but I can change the things I don’t necessarily like. And I can change them for me, not to please someone else, as I have done in the past. What I’ve found is that being single for me isn’t about being able to have sex with anyone I want whenever I want, like most men think of women. It’s about being able to experience life on my terms. I can accept an invitation or not. I can eat where I want & come home when I want. I can stay home for days on end if I want & not have to hear a damn word about it from anyone, but myself. I don’t like to disappoint people. I try to consider other peoples feelings when I do do things but all in all, I am trying to make me happy and trying to also figure out what I’ve been put here for. What’s my purpose in life? I don’t believe it was to be a wife & mother, if it were, I would think that that part of my life would have been more rewarding & enjoyable. I don’t know why I’m here yet. But right now, I know that the path I’m on is the right one and I’m looking forward to staying on my path. Alone for the most part.

3 responses to “Relationship”

  1. You are developing some great deep inner strength . . . and . . . discovering who you are . . . and if somebody comes along . . . be strong/don’t change . . . . he has to love you for who you are. Period.


  2. Relentless, your never alone . you have immediate family who whilst not always listen are there to annoy if need be which keeps you company! and your on-line followers whilst not all are I admit to being just for discussion there you know you can get feedback at least?


  3. Thank you Relenless for sharing your story. Stay on the path you have chosen. If this make you happy hold on to it. Wish you a wonderful day.


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