My mom would have been 80 tomorrow. To honor her, my kids and I are going to BBQ together here at my house. I never had a funeral or anything for her so this will be our chance to appreciate her and all that she was for us and anyone else that knew her. We didn’t always see eye to eye but if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughters to fill my life with now. Today is Mike’s birthday so I’m gonna get him a little something too since that guy has my back no matter what. I feel really lucky to be who I am. I don’t need much anymore, just good people to fill my days with.

Happy birthday Mom. We will never forget you. You are missed. It sure is weird having all your things at my house now. Did you know that the inside of your grandfather clock smells like you? It took me a while to get it up to the right time and it looks and sounds beautiful in my entryway. Not sure I will end up keeping it there but it sure reminds me of you every time I hear the chimes. Thank you. I love you Mom.

2014-02-22 17.28.22