I’m at my end

No matter how much I tell myself to not let shit get to me, shit always ends up getting to me.  I’m tired of my habits and patterns I’ve gotten myself into. I am going to change. I know there’s more to be had out of my life than just where I am now. I’m tired of the people and the same lame bullshit. I don’t want to be any part of it anymore. I don’t care if I end up alone, I know I won’t. But I’m ok if I do. Life is too short to keep waiting for it to happen. My house will all come together eventually. I have everything I need. I just need to focus and figure out what I want. Maybe I already have it and I don’t even realize it.


Happy Monday!

6 responses to “I’m at my end”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you, it takes so much to share as you do, I have found may of your posts a real testament to someone exploring their life and coming to terms with who you are..I found the post in february about learning who you are as a single person very pertinent, I have always defined myself by the relationships I have been in, having been divorced for a year now I am finally coming to terms with who I am as a single person, what I need from another partner and what I need for me, it hasn’t been easy, I have never been alone for long and have struggled with not grabbing the first person that came along and showed me love, interest or just need…I am growing into myself, at 41, its strange but enlightening…so thank you for being brave enough to share and know that your words have helped others…peace and love to you and all you do…


  2. hi rentless,i really wish i could go back about months in time and do a few things different. i have learned so much more about who u r and y u r, and im sry i didnt read about u much sooner,now that its to late . . .or maybe its not ? but i consider you a friend and please dont forget i am a great carpenter and with no strings attached i would be glad to help you with any thing u need done to get your house inorder and i do it right the first time. ok ive bored you enough u can always call on your horse . . . 26 lol


  3. take care lady, dont bother what other say or think , follow you heart and cherrish every good moment


  4. Hey ! Relentless don’t be so hard on yourself,I don’t have any Idea what you do for a living,But I’m sure it will come to you. You have ,Looks, Personality,and Intelligence , Will take you to any place your Sweet Little Heart Desires. and I’m sure you won’t be Disappointed .Never Let Anyone Break your Spirit . I never met you but To Me your an Important person In others Lives and Mine as well .The Supreme being will always be their to carry you in your times of weakness or Doubt ,I will always have a place for you to lay your weary Head. And an Ear to let you went if you feel you need to do so . You have a good and safe day ,
    your friend always,
    Unforgiven 1 ……


  5. By now, you know that I am your biggest fan.
    It seems that your desire to take a break from the men that have taken advantage of you is becoming more frequent. That is a positive thing.
    In any future relationships or paring with someone that might lead to a relationship – be a new woman – be one that defines what you want – if the other person begins to go down another road – Say, “I told you that I don’t like that” – if he persists then Say, “One more time and I’m outta here” and mean it.
    It looked like you were calling the shots the other night and you were sticking to your guns. Maintain that attitude.
    You are much to young to predict that you will be alone – get that out of your head.
    You are extremely attractive – have an awesome smile – and the pets around you know when you are happy – know when you are upset – and know when to hide in the corner. 🙂
    Take a break from the guys that know aren’t right for you – Love yourself – enjoy your cam as many of us do – Have a Red Rum often – Stay in and get smashed all by your lone – cam on would be fun.
    You just lost your Mom – She would want you to be happy.
    George ( ScenicRoute )


    1. Very well written George & so true.I have known Relent for about 10 yrs,on my puter.She is a beautiful & kind lady any man should be honored to be her companion.If he doesnt treat you
      right,push him out of line i am sure there is a better one right behind him


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