When my Dad passed away in 2000, I inherited his pride and joy. It is a 1978 Mercedes Benz 450sl. At the time, my daughters were both little and since it’s a convertible with only 2 seats, I asked my Uncle, my Dad’s brother, if he would like to have it until he’s done with it and he accepted. My Uncle called me recently and let me know he wanted me to come get the car. It’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I anticipated someday getting this car back and imagined myself flying to Oklahoma with a friend or companion to pick the car up. We’d spend a couple days checking Tulsa out and then make our 1700 mile journey back home in it. I imagined stopping for the night after a days worth of driving and exploring and end up staying in a nice hotel or casino. Then continuing on in the morning, or not, whatever was to happen would be what we’d do. No rush.



It didn’t quite go like I thought. Regardless of how the car came back to me, it’s home again and I feel so honored to be able to call it mine. My Dad worked his ass off and his dream was to own this car and he did it. Bought it brand new in 1978. I remember the day he brought it home. I was 5 years old. Out of all the shit I’ve gone through with my family that once was, this car signifies for me, a new beginning. Having this heirloom in my possession is a huge honor for me. Makes me feel so privileged to have it. I hope to instill in my children the same feelings I have for it that my Dad leaves me with. I will pass it on to one of them some day. As part of my legacy.

Here it is today, home where it belongs…my Dad would be so happy to know I have it. Thank you Dad! Your strength and hard work will never be forgotten or taken for granted! We miss you.


2 responses to “Honored”

  1. Mike Alford Jr. Avatar
    Mike Alford Jr.

    Glad to hear you got it back. I wish there had been some sort of communication between you and I about this event, as I would have thought it ‘fun’ to do this for you, with the only expense for u being air fare and fuel for the return trip. I say this due to my current time off and boredom. Anyway, I’m glad you have completed another evolution to YOUR satisfaction. After all, that is what is tantamount to your desire for independence. Warriors have at least made the playlets. As Im writing this, they’re beating the Nuggets. Let’s hope they WIN!!!


  2. wow great car lady and great storry. cherrish the car , polish it:)in conc
    our state:)


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