Where you been?

Where have you been this Summer so far? Where are you going? Guess where I’ve been?

I’ve been spending my time with my daughter and friends on our new ski boat out on the California Delta. Having a boat was a dream that I gave up on when I divorced my husband in late 2005. One of the first things he did was go out and buy the boat we were planning to get together. He’s already sold it because his children don’t want anything to do with him or his boat at all. But it’s likely his new girlfriend that decided the boat needed to go. Whatever, I don’t care anything about him or her or their issues. I have a ski BOAT! It’s all mine. Pink in hand with only my name on it and no one can take it away from me. We have been going out on the water almost everyday. My younger daughter said something to me a few nights ago on our way back in to the marina. She said that she wishes that we could have had the boat sooner because it’s really brought us a lot closer and she added that she’s glad we have it & are using it because it’s erasing all the bad memories she has of the time she spent with her dad on the delta in his boat. It made me cry and I realized how beautiful life is right now. Every moment is precious. I could die tomorrow and my girls will have only memories of mom being an emotional wreck most of the time. Not anymore. I have this boat now that already has brought nothing but laughs and smiles and a lot of peace. I was told that it’s bad luck to change a boats name. I bought the boat from a stranger off of craigslist and just the short couple of times I met with him, I could see he had a beautiful heart & soul and he gave me such a great deal that I wouldn’t change the name of the boat just in honor of him. His story was sad and I felt his pain. So now his “MASTER PEACE” will now be renamed “MISS MASTER PEACE”. The boat has brought me peace with ME. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just perfect. As soon as the pics are uploaded into my cloud I will post some pictures here. Stay tuned….

4 responses to “Where you been?”

  1. It would be a thrill to visit where you live , unfortunately I’m low on funds being my car was totaled out by a drunken driver. I’m lucky to have escaped with a few cuts and bruises .your truly unforgiven1


  2. hi, i hope you dont think me creepy or anything like that but i have been reading your posts and i feel that i wanted to reply to this one.im so proud of you with your choices about your 2 wonderful daughters, i really like them and i know u love them very much. being a single parent is the hardest job in the world and i respect you more than you know for that.when i was a kid my father did the exact same thing as you did, bought a used boat and some of the best times of my life are going sking every weekend as a family.my mom told me not long ago of a conversation she and my dad had as they payed the man 4 our boat my mom said that they cant afford this boat and my father said we cant afford not to get it. if u ever feel like showin me your new boat my door is always open for u and your girls. i will always have a spot in my heart for you. your gonna b ok πŸ™‚ proud of you


  3. Can’t wait to see the pics of your new family toy.
    I grew up in a sailing ship building family and am partial to speed on the water.
    Your message was one of joy . . . .


    1. Always from my heart. xo Thank you! Again.


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