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  1. Shlongasaurus says:

    Great Boat babe,
    Love the pictures and ofcourse you!
    Miss ya as always




  2. Purblind says:

    Can’t help thinking of the swine as one-time sailors transformed by Circe…a fabulous spirit boat and happy pics.


  3. George says:

    I love your pics – Love you having fun – and can’t help but loving you.

    A Master Craft is a great boat.

    I was going to make a suggestion after your previous post but am slow to get it out. My sentiments are a follows:

    Your “life’s journey” is unique to you as awesome . . nobody said it was easy . . .

    My suggestion to you would be this . . . . “Take the Scenic Route”.

    I mean this is so many ways. Like jump off the Interstate and take the route that was there before it was built . . . slow down as you go through small towns . . . eat at a local restaurant . . . look at the small houses . . . see the kids playing in their yards . . . wave at the guy mowing his lawn . . . stop and wave when someone wants to cross the street in front of you. Take it all in . . . some scenes will make you thankful for what you have . . . some scenes will make you reminisce about your childhood . . . some will tug at your heart strings.

    Take the Scenic Route, my wonderful friend . . .

    hugs . . . kisses . . . and all of that . . .



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