I’m no dummy. I know what you all did. I think you think you won. But all you’ve done is sunk to the lowest of lows. I wouldn’t expect anything more from you. You had planned it all out. But the part that you couldn’t control was me. I bet you didn’t expect that I wouldn’t suck anyone’s ass like you do so effortlessly. I bet you didn’t expect that I would find the positive side to everything and flourish in it while you pretend to smile and continue to try to compete with me when I win without even trying. I bet you didn’t expect that I wouldn’t allow you in my life. I bet you didn’t expect that I am moving forward regardless of how you undermined my reputation. The strength and faith I got from my Dad that you are lacking is obvious now and I still believe that even with all the money in the world, you will never have what I have. And you never will. You’re a disgrace to the people that brought you into this world. Someday we will have our words but until then I’m not going to dwell on your death. It amuses me to imagine your suffering. You can pretend all you want, but I know the demons you carry and you will never get any peace from me. You are dead to me. You and everyone you’re connected to all died that day and you’re all piled up together naked buried in a cold deep hole that I will never ever visit. You placed yourselves there and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

8 responses to “Dummy”

  1. Well we can’t pick our family so we’re stuck with the cards that are dealt to us. Unfortunately some are good and some are bad. Now throw in money and watch the real personalities emerge. Immediately after my father’s funeral and reception my two sisters, brother and I were to meet at our mom’s house. I was the last to arrive and when I walked in to my disbelief was the three of them arguing about how the lousy 35,000 life insurance policy was to be divided up. Are you kidding me! I looked at them and said wtf! That’s mom’s money you idiots. Wtf is she suppose to live on. Sheeeeesh I walked out and thank god they came to their senses. Money can change angels into demons.


  2. I lost my mom in August. Same thing happened to me. Family turned on me. Fights over money as small as $50, furniture, jewelery. But they didn’t care about the nostalgic things like old pictures, hand written cards and notes. They only cared about things they coulod cash in for money. Like once she was gone….everyone in the family showed their true feelings and it was apparent they really didn’t care about her at all.


    1. Sorry that you have to go through that too. But yeah, that’s exactly what happened. It’s disgusting. I knew they were all fake my whole life and they all sucked up to her bcuz they were putting in their work to hopefully be a beneficiary to her estate. When in the end they weren’t, and I was, the pretty smart girl they always were green with envy for, was named as a benefactor, after all I did was be born and love unconditionally…well you get the idea. I dont suck anyone’s ass. Ever. People like that all belong in church together sucking up to their higher power for guidance and acceptance. No thanks. I’m my own higher power. I won’t lower myself to beg for anything (but sex sometimes hahaha). Thank you for reminding me I’m really not alone. I’m sorry you feel what I feel. But in the end, we may be alone, but at least we aren’t surrounded by people who think they’re pulling the wool over our eyes by lying about who they really are. Hugs!


  3. I think that she knew – too.


  4. You have backbone, integrity, strength, and, thank God, have put up your shield to keep the idiots in your life – far far away.
    They were holding you back and probably pretending to be friends – I AM PROUD OF YOU !
    George (ScenicRoute)


    1. Sad part really is they were my family. Not my friends. They had been pretending to care just because my mom was alive, but as soon as she died, they all turned their backs or tried to stab me in mine. If she only knew. But I think she did.


  5. “You are dead to me. You and everyone you’re connected to all died that day and you’re all piled up together naked buried in a cold deep hole that I will never ever visit.”

    Awww come on….tell them how you REALLY feel ! (lol).

    Would love to know the inside story.


  6. You are an amazing woman. Catch me sometime and let’s talk – no cam – and catch me up when you can just be you. I would be honored to stand by you … with you.


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