I removed some content…

Yes, I removed a few recent posts. I don’t like the way I was feeling when I wrote them so I took them down. I may in the future repost them but for now, I’d rather keep them off of here.

I want to change. I am making progress. It’s a long process. I’m a very fragile soul and I don’t want to focus on anything negative anymore. I have so much good happening in my life right now. I’ve got my eyes wide open and I’m listening with my gut. Not my heart or my head. They let me down a lot. My intuition is keen on everything. I am worth saving. And I’ll do it on my own. It’s what I deserve. It’s what is going to bring me peace and it will mend my fragile soul. Stay tuned…shit’s gonna change around here.

One response to “I removed some content…”

  1. George - ScenicRoute Avatar
    George – ScenicRoute

    Love that determination.


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