Isn’t life funny…

No sooner did I publish the post before this one, my boyfriend shows up and tells me he doesn’t know if he wants to be with me.

I don’t know how I could ever stay with him after he comes over to tell me that.

8 responses to “Isn’t life funny…”

  1. Whatever happened to Relentless (Darla)? Anyone hear from her?


  2. Hope this worked out. Have you and the managery moved to Tahoe?


  3. Hope you all had a great holiday


  4. So what is Darla thankful for?


  5. Who says that and leaves doubt and worry and fear in a relationship?!?!? That’s crazy!


  6. WTF !!!!
    You are so beautiful and intelligent.
    Why would even think of breaking up with you?


    1. Have you ever heard that saying? “Yeah, she’s beautiful & all but somebody somewhere is tired of dealing with her shit!” I cause trouble.


      1. No it wasn’t like that. . I couldn’t leave you you..


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