If you really are an expert, these will pique your interest.

One response to “Z”

  1. In 2009, I tried to contact someone who I thought was an expert on the case, practically begged him to look at what I have. I didn’t know who to call to have this stuff looked at. He never got back to me. The second email I sent was after I put up a plea for help to the forum members about what I thought I might have and again, the forum owner read everything I told him in my emails I sent. But he never replied. So from my story, I sunk back into my life again and didn’t think much about this stuff again enough to put myself through ASKING for HELP and being BLATANTLY IGNORED. Not only did I try that guy, I also tried contacting the Vallejo PD and SFPD…I even tried the FBI website for any info on who to talk to. I did call the VPD and got some recorded message that never got me anywhere. I was frustrated that NO ONE WOULD LISTEN TO ME. I am NOBODY but I STILL DESERVE SOMEONES ATTENTION. This is the very reason people sometimes end up doing heinous things to others. NO ONE ACTUALLY LISTENS TO ANYONE WITH ANY COMPASSION OR CARE. Maybe what a person has to say is really very hard to tell someone they might feel judged or threatened by for whatever reason. My point being, if someone had listened to me in 2009 the case(s) could have been closed long ago. And even more of my point is if someone would have listened to this man when he was a child none of this would have happened. His own flesh & blood did him wrong. That wound from the injustice he was victim to caused a deep depression in him that in turn created the monster (for lack of the right word to describe what he did) we all have wondered about our whole lives. I knew him my entire life. And I can honestly say that I NEVER once imagined this man was anything more than a lonely, angry, sad little old blind man that I always felt needed love and I was an innocent little girl that had a big giving naive heart that was also very damaged by not ever being really heard by the ones I needed to hear me. Depression is only the beginning of what that kind of pain will cause in someone.


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