New Year – New Everything

Happy new year to you!

The new year brings with it a fresh new calendar. The old one is ash in the burn pile, right where it belongs. Deciding to not look back anymore feels good. So with that, I started fresh by tackling the tasks I’ve been putting off for one reason or another. Big ones. The list isn’t long. But the items are important.

In the past, I’ve put too much effort into people in my life that didn’t deserve it. This year I’m putting all my effort into myself and my goals. Those goals have nothing to do with any man. In fact, my main goal is to avoid any relations with any man other than simple acquaintances. I want to be more perceptive regarding the people I encounter and learn more slowly about any new people that may come into my life. The choices I’ve made in my past have cost me too much of everything, including my dignity, which hurts the most, I’d say.

I’ve been cleaning up and organizing things on this blog as well as in my life. I’m grateful for the inspiration I get from the people in my life. There is something inside me though, that drives me to keep pushing myself to complete my life’s work. I’ve let the wrong things distract me for too long. I always thought the Serenity Prayer was a goofy slogan for people in AA, and I’m not a religious person at all, but for some reason in my head it’s a chant to help me get through the tough stuff. SCRIPT-SERENITY-3



2 responses to “New Year – New Everything”

  1. Well done! Looks like you came full circle and crossed over positively. Hey did I just see a Poocha ?


    1. There shouldn’t be any puca!


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