What is this?

7 responses to “What is this?”

  1. If you saw the rating.js URL show up in your comment, how did you post that comment?
    Was it on the relentless2007.wordpress.com URL or another way? What browser did you use?
    Do you remember if the URL had a lock symbol which means the URL was secure?


    1. Hello? Why are those polldaddy links showing up on my blog comments?


  2. It is an orgasmatron ! Yeah yeah that’s it! You should use it once in a while.


  3. 2-stroke engine by the looks.


    1. hmm strannnge that it’s putting in a link in before my comment, I wouldn’t click on it for quids either.


      1. I see that. I have no clue why it’s putting in a link on the comments. I’ll report it to WordPress.


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