The priZe

Let’s set some things straight.

I took care of my friend of 36 years for the last 6 years of his life. He and I had a special connection that I will never be able to describe in words. A connection that most people could never comprehend if I could describe it. I cared for him ever since I could remember. I protected him and stood up for him and did it without ever wanting or needing anything from him in return. I never asked for anything from this man. I gave my time and my care to him freely because he truly had no one else he could trust in this entire world. I never once felt as if he owed me anything. He was dealt a bad hand from birth and my heart broke for him. If anyone were still alive today that knew him and knew me they would tell you that he and I always had a special bond. I fought for him when he was too frail and on his final days and he held my hand and told me he loved me and I loved him too. Never once did he ever have to worry about my presence in his life because he just somehow knew that my heart was as pure and kind as they come. The priZe in the end was knowing that I was able to give him his final wishes, well, almost all of them. You see, his wishes in the end were very simple. He told me he wanted to die in that house. Not in some hospital or nursing home. He told me he wanted me to have his house and everything in it. And he said that his daughter could have his money. We had the papers all drawn up. I hired an attorney. It was all legal. He signed them, we had several witnesses as per the law in California. I felt good that I was able to make what he wanted happen. He made me durable power of attorney and I exercised my right when he was taken against his will to the hospital by making the hospital release him to me. My goal was his main wish which was he wanted to die in that house. And that’s what he did.

You’re a sick individual if you ever try robbing my life experience of helping my friend the way I did by making up lies about what you think happened. You weren’t there. You’re not me. Your convoluted stories that you’ve fabricated in your very damaged mind show who you really are. Who YOU are. NOT who I am. Theres no priZe when anyone dies. Only a jealous greedy ugly person would ever think that way.

More Zodiac

Did everyone write like the Zodiac Killer back in the 60’s and 70’s? Did everyone write coded messages? Or collect comic books? Or design elaborate machines on paper? Or hate the government? And couples? And live in the same places that the crimes took place at the same time they took place? Did everyone have a motive? Did everyone have an accomplice? Did everyone have the same weapons and demeanor? Did everyone refer to them self as Sam (son of Sam)? Did everyone have those headaches? Did everyone have 1 blind eye? Did everyone hate as much as him?

Something stirring

I received an email yesterday from the detective I sent a lot of my evidence to. He told me he handed all the evidence over to the vallejo police department to the detective there that’s actively working on this case.

They’re definitely working on the case now. He said they’d contact me if they have questions. This is so exciting. To finally know who he was. We can only hope to reach a conclusion.