The priZe

Let’s set some things straight.

I took care of my friend of 36 years for the last 6 years of his life. He and I had a special connection that I will never be able to describe in words. A connection that most people could never comprehend if I could describe it. I cared for him ever since I could remember. I protected him and stood up for him and did it without ever wanting or needing anything from him in return. I never asked for anything from this man. I gave my time and my care to him freely because he truly had no one else he could trust in this entire world. I never once felt as if he owed me anything. He was dealt a bad hand from birth and my heart broke for him. If anyone were still alive today that knew him and knew me they would tell you that he and I always had a special bond. I fought for him when he was too frail and on his final days and he held my hand and told me he loved me and I loved him too. Never once did he ever have to worry about my presence in his life because he just somehow knew that my heart was as pure and kind as they come. The priZe in the end was knowing that I was able to give him his final wishes, well, almost all of them. You see, his wishes in the end were very simple. He told me he wanted to die in that house. Not in some hospital or nursing home. He told me he wanted me to have his house and everything in it. And he said that his daughter could have his money. We had the papers all drawn up. I hired an attorney. It was all legal. He signed them, we had several witnesses as per the law in California. I felt good that I was able to make what he wanted happen. He made me durable power of attorney and I exercised my right when he was taken against his will to the hospital by making the hospital release him to me. My goal was his main wish which was he wanted to die in that house. And that’s what he did.

You’re a sick individual if you ever try robbing my life experience of helping my friend the way I did by making up lies about what you think happened. You weren’t there. You’re not me. Your convoluted stories that you’ve fabricated in your very damaged mind show who you really are. Who YOU are. NOT who I am. Theres no priZe when anyone dies. Only a jealous greedy ugly person would ever think that way.

15 responses to “The priZe”

    THE WHITE BIRD FLIES! woke up on the day of your buddy’s arrest and I immediately felt like I was in deep trauma and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then by mid morning I got the news about the arrest and I instantly knew that it was you having a trauma event, not me.
    And then when I found you and all your personalities online I saw that on that same day you had a brain dump and right away exhibited all your artwork and all the proof anyone would ever need to connect you to everything. That was a mistake for sure. You said yourself that your arrogance will be your downfall and you are correct. I see that all your followers and followees on most of your fake personality profiles I’ve been deleted. You’re a day late and a dollar short PAL.
    I told you I only contacted you to help you get through this. When you can finally met yourself that you need help or need to talk to somebody you know hard to contact me.
    See you in the movies.


    1. What buddies arrest?
      Personalities online? Nope. They’re all me. Through the years.
      Connect me to what? That’s not my artwork. What am I connected to? I’ve never said anything about arrogance. All I’ve wanted was to find out if my friend was who I think he was. All this other crap you’re making up as you go is way out there.

      I hope you’re having fun with your little fantasy world. Is it scary having to sleep under the freeway every night?


  2. THE WHITE BIRD Avatar
    THE WHITE BIRD more thing that you should know, the reason
    “I know who you are and
    I saw what you did”
    Is because I am psychic and I have seen through your eyes and thought through your brain.


    1. Keep on believing! It’ll be ok again after those pills wear off. You need help PAL.


  3. are a fake person! Mr. uncrackable huh? You are the one that is see-through and you have been cracked. Get ready for your future.


    1. Now that is funny. Now I know for sure you dont know me at all. Protective custody is a fine place to be for you since you clearly cant handle your own life properly.


  4. The White Bird Avatar
    The White Bird

    OK, have it your way. The FBI and all the counties have all the information already and they are investigating you. Including the zodiac task force in Nampa. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. I’m not waiting at all though now. The ball is in your court, don’t make a mistake. You know I know and I know you know I know.


    1. Exactly what I thought. You are fake news.


  5. The White Bird Avatar
    The White Bird is the White Bird Speaking
    I didn’t mean your prize, I met my prize for winning the game. If you did take care of your friend like you said then I admire you for that, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment and tolerance to take care of someone one who is an invalid. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve taken care of quite a few people in my time.
    And you deserved the house and whatever you got so that it’s not the prize I was talking about. I don’t believe all that BS anyway. You can pull some of the people some of the time but some other people never. Get serious big dog, the clock is ticking and your life hangs in the balance.
    A hospital wouldn’t be so bad, better than life on the wrong side of the row. Because there is always that ALTERNATIVE.
    So, I write you all these nice things and tell you how much I really do want to be there for you and you come back at me with all these vicious names! Let’s drop all the bullshit, I know who you are, get it? Have you thought about what you’re really going to do when the bomb blows up? Or your life I should say? I told you you can’t fool me because I know. There is no escaping the facts.
    And I don’t appreciate the fucking damage you did to my property! It looks like a giant zodiac symbol. You might think that’s funny but I don’t take kindly bullshit like that so the more you fuck with me the less I will help you. And you know you need help and I know that too. It seems that deep down you really want to get busted and have set up everything so you can get credit in the end for every last thing. Everything is connected, and yes, as I told you on the sandy thread, I have solved your puzzles and your math problems and they all point to one person. In the beginning anyway. Your friend that you’ve been involved with all these years has already got his ass in a grind. You know he is going to spill his guts about you sooner or later. Probably sooner.
    So again I ask you, what is the prize for winning the game? Or did you think no one would ever possibly win? It really wasn’t all that hard to figure out. What kind of game would it be if they did not end sooner or later and there was not a winner? Well that’s not the way your plan turned out because I have you connected in over 100 ways to your secret pal And all the horrible things you did alone and together. You can stay in denial all you want but that’s not going to get us anywhere and as each day goes by it’s going to be like tick tick tick. I’m sure you must be getting pretty nervous by now because you never planned on DNA technology.


    1. Omg, you’re a lunatic. Clearly only looking for attention.


      1. The White Bird Avatar
        The White Bird

        Lunatic is the right word but not for me, for the zodiac killer. You have no idea how much I know yet and that’s
        that’s way I like it and that’s how I am playing the game. You may never know how much I know. I was going to tell you but you’re full of shit and have a bad attitude. Keep disrespecting me and I will speed things up. All I have to do is push one button, and not as zodiac button, and everything I have on line will go out to dozens of news and media agencies and all across Twitter and Tom‘s site and everywhere else I can think of. If anything did happen I have a team of people working with me and they will immediately upload everything I have as they have been directed to.

        So if you don’t want to play the game with me why did you invent it in the first place? Just to fuck with the blue meanies?


        1. What game?

          I’m not here to play games. I’m not a character in some weird made up movie. I’m not the zodiac killer and I was never an accomplice to anything. I really have no idea what you believe you know about anything. My blog has the real story about what happened. Nothing more ever happened. I didnt destroy anyones property or witness any law breaking at all. I am not the person who drew those things on my blog and I really have no idea what most of them even mean. That’s why I am here…for answers…not to play head games.


    2. And no, I’m not worried or scared.

      What I’d like to know is how is it that you are convinced he was the zodiac killer but no one else is? I’ve been trying to determine the answer for 9 years and not one single person with any importance has concluded that my friend was him. So now how are you so sure? And no, you didnt reply to me on the sandy thread. Or anywhere else for that matter besides here. If you solved his math problems what do they say? Let’s see what credibility you really have. I’ll get some popcorn…I wanna hear this one…


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