Which are you?

Some people bring good vibes and some people bring nothing but bad.

I try my best to be the type of person that brings good things to the people in my life.

I try to be positive, but I also have to be realistic.

I try to be helpful and I have learned to give my time and effort freely and never expect anything for it in return.

If I borrow from you, I give it back to you.

I might sometimes show up a little late, but if I give you a definite time, I’ll be there at that time. I always make sure you know if I’m going to be late.

I listen. And listen. And listen. I hear your concerns. I give my opinion, and I dont overreact if you dont agree or if you have your own opinion.

I never give ultimatums. If I dont like something that much, maybe it’s time to meet new people.

I dont get angry if you’re late. I find something else to do while I wait.

I dont have the time or the energy anymore to type out long, dramatic, emotional text messages describing every last feeling I have over something you did or said. I’m not about to put anyone through that nonsense. That was teenager crap. I’d much rather send you a “good morning sunshine” text with a picture attached. And I’d rather end the day saying things that make you laugh. Bringing up a negative episode from months before only keeps you stuck in that moment.

Being able to have fun and laugh with a person has positive affects on the libido. It’s just that simple.

You can make yourself sick by being negative. If I’m positive, I dont seem to get sick as often.

Some people just suck the life out of me.

Those people have no business being a part of my life.

6 responses to “Which are you?”

    1. I think I kinda said which type I am. But…I’ve been the other type and learned the hard way that it’s wrong.

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  1. You have grown exponentially, I can see it in your words.

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    1. I’ve felt myself growing up lately quite a bit. It scares me but I’m totally at peace with the fear.

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      1. You are very welcome. I’m at a “no drama” time period in my life, so I just look for that in others.

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