I realize it might be a bit redundant when I keep writing about this subject. I have tried to separate this subject from my main feed. This blog is basically my journal of my life. I use it to share and vent. So please bare with my posts about this subject matter right now. This wont last forever. Things will change as new developments arise. And eventually once the DNA solves the case it will all be over. One way or the other. Thanks for your patience and support. I appreciate all the messages I get from my readers. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me by clicking this link: relentless

I feel as if I’m not being clear enough about the evidence I have for my POI. I’m usually pretty good at making my point heard in my writing. Could it be that the people I’m trying to prove my point to are jaded and bias? Absolutely. I keep trying to get someone to look closely at my story and everything I have but I keep hitting a wall. I’m very patient. The DNA will hopefully solve the mystery soon. The newest question on the Zodiac Killer website asks: “What is your best piece of evidence for your suspect?”. I am hesitant to answer the question because they only want one piece of evidence and I’ve got many things that I consider evidence and I am frustrated with the way I get shot down there.

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  1. […] Zodiac Killer Cheri Jo Bates e Betty Lou Jensen. Una delle immagini pubblicate sul sito al link https://relentless1.net/2018/06/25/evidence/ è invece una foto riconducibile a Hodel. Approfondendo la pista investigativa, seguendo gli spunti […]


  2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsYou can’t or won’t answer my question huh?


    1. Why tell the world? Because I feel I have the answers everyone has been seeking for 50 years.


      1. So why the internet? We talked about this. You write your book…with a coauthor if you have to. Be true to him and tell his story but make yourself some money and build upon yourself your talents and skills. By pissing it away on the internet you lose it all. What a fucking waste! But then again this is your way isn’t it?

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        1. Yes David. It is my way. No one but you and a few others are listening anyway. I do appreciate your input. I cant write my book until they confirm who he was anyways. So I’m on hold til they do and by the time they do find out for sure who he was all my posts will disappear and I’ll either move forward with what you suggested I should do or I will go back to blogging about my dumb life. However long it lasts.


  3. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsJust shut the fuck up about your evidence. Fuck lilone Why tell the world? OMG you had control you have the info. 4000 documents. It was your book. It was his story that you wanted to tell for HIM. And now you just piss it all over the internet.

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    1. Theres a lot more to the story than I have on here.


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