My dreams are so vivid. Every night I have dreams so vivid that I wake up still feeling where I was in the dream.

Last night I dreamt I was traveling far away, in a different country, with everyone I know. It was a hectic dream with us trying always to coordinate our days to appease everyone. We were near a warm ocean with massive waves that crashed up the beach. Our room in a fancy hotel took up an entire floor and was bigger and fancier than any home I’ve ever lived in. It had a garage and my cars were in it. Even my animals were there. When it came time for us to leave and go back home, I was in a panick, trying to gather all of my things together in time to make it to the flight we had at 5:11 p.m. As I collected all of my clothes, and pets, and vehicles, I realized someone the day before had jacked the front end of my car up high in the air and I was angry that they did it without my permission and left it that way. I wanted to know why and I was yelling for Mike to tell me why. As I stood halfway in my car and halfway out yelling for Mike, my cats keep slipping away, then my daughter realizes shes forgotten something and runs back towards our massive hotel room. Just as I see her running away from me, I notice off to the left several huge white bears are sniffing around a campfire and everyone is noticeably still…everyone but my daughter, who runs right past these bears, causing them to be frightened and they begin to run into the crowd of people. She keeps running. The bears start to rip huge tree limbs down and throw them around into the fire. I also see a huge female tiger among them that is looking around at the bears and the people. I’m still yelling for and scanning the area for Mike. I needed to know why my car was lifted in the air. I just knew we’d be late and miss our flight home. I couldn’t find my wallet. My breasts were so huge that my bra wouldnt fit anymore. I was horny, going to men to ask them to help me with my bra and showing them my huge boobs. Also searching for my cats and gathering up their travel crates, feeling hesitant to put them in the crates too early and making them stressed over the flight home in the crates.

2 responses to “Dreams”

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThen again I would be happy to join your dream and help you fit into your bra!

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  2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI on some meds that give me very vivid real dreams at night. So real that they go right into my long and short term memory. I go through the day really believing they happened…right down to dreaming that people who have died are still alive. The next day when wide awake I think about calling them up. It is s very surreal feeling and I hate it.

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