Imagine this:

It’s taken me quite a while to write about this. It has been nine months or so since this happened to me. I have racked my brain trying to make sense of it and who to actually blame. Nine months it took me to put it all together and see what really happened. Let me explain:

I met a woman while I was out boating. She approached me after I parked my boat and walked up into the restaurant. She was very outgoing and friendly. We actually hit it off right away. We felt like we had known each other a long time already, even though we just met. We exchanged phone numbers and planned to hang out.

Right away, she and I started talking and realized we would have alot of fun together so we started hanging out. She would come out on my boat with me. We would lay out and sunbathe and drink cocktails. She came to my house and helped me when I’d need a ride. We both have daughters about the same age and we were dealing with a lot of the same issues. She came up to my new house and helped me unpack and clean up. I felt pretty lucky to have found a friend like her and appreciated having her in my life. So when she invited me to go to a Raiders football game I was happy to go along. The game was on a Sunday.

We talked several times about the details beforehand.

We decide that she will pick me up at 9 a.m. on Sunday to be at the game by 11. She reminded me several times during the week before the game to make sure I’m ready at 9. No problem.

Sunday comes. I’m up & ready in plenty of time. She called me and let me know she is on her way. It’s 8:30. All good.

9 a.m. she isn’t there. 9:30, still no sign of her. I figure she knows what she’s doing. 9:45, she shows up. She wasn’t wearing her Raiders stuff but I figure it must be in the car. No big deal.

We leave for the game. Still plenty of time since the game doesn’t actually start til 1 p.m. We will just miss the tailgating before the game. Not a big deal. The drive there is about 45 minutes, maybe an hour. We hit the freeway. She has the music up so loud you can’t make conversation…and she is driving 80-90 miles an hour. Literally. But she seemed fine. Not angry or anything.

We get to the game finally, she insists on parking in the VIP parking lot. It’s $40 to park. I have no cash on me and tell her you’ll get some cash at an ATM to help pay for the parking. No big deal.

She and I are there an hour and a half before the game starts. We have a cocktail and wait with the rest of the tailgaters in the parking lot for the game to start.

She is strangely quiet. On the phone. Texting. Kind of hiding the phone from me. Every once in a while looking over at me and it seems like she is smirking at me. I don’t know what’s going on and assume she’s texting with a lover or whatever. I decide to look at my phone too. I go to check my surveillance cameras at home and as I do I see someone pull into my driveway. They park just out of view of the camera and the next thing I see is the camera is covered up. Now I can only hear what’s happening. In shock, I realize I know the vehicle. I realize it’s my ex. I start to panic and say something to my friend. My friend all of a sudden has a change in their attitude towards me. All of a sudden she’s short with me. I rewind the video and show it to her and she tells me they saw nothing. She says “you are seeing things”. She all of a sudden now wants to go find her seat and says “you are an idiot for thinking that you saw what you saw”.

I am confused. I wonder if I’m overreacting like she says…but I know I am not. I get on the phone with 911 to report what was happening and now she is leaving without me. She takes off walking telling me she “doesn’t have time to deal with my bullshit”. She is “going to the game”. She leaves me and heads for the game. At the same time, she is talking to someone on the phone too. I try to follow, I am juggling the phone call to the police, trying to watch my cameras at home and I hear her ask the person on the phone “is there anything else I can do for you Steve?” She looked right at me and laughed as she said it. Steve is my ex. The one that just pulled up in my driveway. I’m still in shock.

I couldn’t keep chasing her. She was clearly trying to ditch me now. I turn around and head back towards the car. The police have reached my house but the ex is already gone. I am roughly 2 hours away from home. My car is an hour away at my friends house. I walk up to her car in the parking lot and just as I do she unlocks the doors. I gather all of my belongings and she is yelling at me for ruining the game for her with my “drama” and insists I pay for my $250 seat right then and there. I have no cash. I just want to get home. I couldn’t care less about the game. I just want to see what happened at home. What was missing. What happened. Why Steve was there. Even though the police were there and checked everything, they couldn’t tell if anything is missing. I leave the parking lot and her behind and get out to where my ride will find me. And wait.

When I finally got home, I found that I was robbed. She set me up. She never had any Raiders tickets. She knew I wouldn’t be home and went to my house before she came to pick me up and stole sixty thousand dollars worth of family jewelry. She took all of it.

I cry every time I think of this.

Just recently I heard she bought a high dollar item and I know that she wouldn’t have the money on her own for such an item. What can I do? She’s had the nerve to call me and try to be my friend again, telling me that she forgives me for burning her on the Raiders tickets. I told her to fuck off. I feel this is not the end of the story yet.

7 responses to “Imagine this:”

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  2. you said your ex….Steve was in the security video. What you said not me.


    1. Yes, that is what I said. That is what I saw. But his story was he had a tire that was low so he came to fill it up with my compressor on his way to the casino.


    2. But, if he were truly innocent and at my house for air…theres no reason for him to move my cameras. Innocent people dont even think about who might be looking when they are not doing anything wrong. Hmmmm


    3. I’m calling the sheriff. I had to figure it out for myself, I guess.


  3. you had the video of his car. The cell phone calls as evidence. The fact that she never had tickets and drove you away from your home. Enough connections that she and Steve planned the robbery. $60k in jewelry missing. Sounds like an open and shut case. What did the police say?

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    1. Unfortunately, it took me 7 months or so to actually figure all of this out. So, the police just came and went on that day. I dont really know what I can do now about it since I no longer have the video. Steve didnt have anything to do with it. I’ve learned that she was trying to make me think she was in on something Steve was doing but she was actually talking to someone else on the phone that day, it wasn’t Steve on the phone. Like I said, I don’t know what I can do now.


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