Another coincidence? This post brings up some interesting points.

How it relates to my POI: from what I see and take from this is My POI’s exwife took his daughter and would not tell him where they were. Her name was Cheri. In 1969, the cab driver was shot and the Zodiac Killer was seen walking up Cherry Street after exiting the cab. In his letter he says he was the one who shot the cab driver on Washington and Maple. Cherry was missing. The name Cheri was found hidden in corner of the z340 cipher letter a month later. The z340 is said to contain the Zodiac Killers identity.

Cheri (Cherry) was missing.

I believe none of the ciphers have ever been correctly solved. I dont believe he actually put his name in the codes. I think he put clues or pieces to a puzzle that if found would lead you to general references of popular stories that he was writing in to the media about during that time. Which would have eventually led law enforcement to him.

3 responses to “Advice”

  1. If memory serves me correctly i believe harvey wrote about disliking cab drivers due to a belief that cab drivers would purposely get lost or take the long way in order to make more money. Have you given any thought to the theory that Mr. Stine was killed over a fare dispute?


    1. No, I never put it together. Great theory! It might be something!


  2. It’s hard to tell. As humans we naturally identify patterns, we always want to connect the dots. As we’ve discussed, the Zodiac is his own kind of animal. He was clearly brilliant, as we’re still discussing his ciphers.

    I don’t know, it’s hard to say with him.


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