You decide: Jane Doe 1968, Huntington Beach

Top photo was found near the body of a woman that was murdered in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California. Her identity still remains unknown to this day. Here is a link to the whole story: Jane Doe 1968

I found the story as I was searching the internet for unsolved murders in the areas where my friend lived, when he was living there. Several have come up that have similar patterns to eachother. This particular case the woman was not only stabbed to death, she was also raped. So law enforcement have solid DNA on the perpetrator. But no person has matched in the search.

The bottom photo is from my files.

Am I mistaken or does this look like the same child?

The photo on the left was also found in the white purse near the victim. The photo on the right is from my files and is my POIs step son.

I think these might be the same people. Left is a photo from my files and the right photo came from the scene of the crime.


I decided to do a search of cold cases that were in the areas where I know my friend lived and that occurred during the time he was living there. I am really not surprised by the fact that in each area, during the time he lived in or near that area, there are cold cases that are all similar to each other.

Jane Doe – Lompoc, California 1969

Jane Doe – Huntington Beach, California 1968

Martin – Oakland, California 1964

Janice Foiles – Moscow, Idaho 1969

And now I believe I have found the missing link. I’ve contacted law enforcement (again) about the new potential evidence I just discovered. I’ll be surprised if they don’t see it now. Stay tuned!