Audio – Patterson/Map

This clip is of Harvey talking on the phone with his caretaker Odile. Harvey recorded his conversations with her each time they spoke on the phone. In this particular clip they discuss where she lives in relation to where he lived. At this time, she was living in Patterson, California. Patterson is East of Pleasanton, where Harvey was living when this was recorded. I found this interesting because of the way he seems to want to say more but doesn’t. The sound in his voice changes and he seems to be thinking back to what he was up to in that area.

Harvey’s mothers ranch was also located in Patterson. She lived at the ranch during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

He mentions a map from the service station that he seems to want to elaborate on but hesitates.

His tone changes again and he starts to shame her for her grasp of the English language at the same time boasts of his knowledge of many languages.

7 responses to “Audio – Patterson/Map”

  1. those two clearly needed to fcuk… the unrequited tension is palpable.

    send me a telegram.

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    1. He was duped by her. She was married to a woman and never planned to be with him. But she kept him believing he had a chance with her so she could slowly use his money for cars, vacations, down payments on houses…while he just sat alone in his house waiting for her daily phone call to come.


  2. I thought you would enjoy the unibomber reference…lol. The title of the article says Zodiac Killer “solved” and then it goes on and on about nothing. According to the author, it could be Elvis 🕺


    1. Hahaha! But we know better. 😉


    1. Ted Kaczynski? Hahaha no! That has to be a joke. Just wait…its all happening right now behind the scenes. The next big break will be the final one to solve the case. I can tell you that much. 🤐


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