DNA update – FAKE NEWS


They found DNA. That’s what’s being reported this morning in the case. It’s coming out of zodiackiller.com from Tom Voigt.

No word on a suspect yet.

I have my suspicions about this. I first shared my POI about a month ago on zodiackillersite.com. Then I took my findings to the groups on Facebook just last Friday.

I will hold my opinions for now. But it looks to me like they are about to finally close this 50 year old case once and for all.

I’ve only worked on it for 10 years. Some of these researchers have been working this thing for 20+ years. The amount of effort put in by people that will never be mentioned when the announcement is made as to who this guy was is immeasurable. It wouldn’t have been solved if it weren’t for the massive online community keeping it in the public view. I found so many unsolved murders that no one talks about that might be tied to the Zodiac Killer. All those souls deserve to be honored and brought peace through justice. Even if the perpetrator is dead, the victims have a right to rest in peace by being able to know who did it and why. They were truly victims of a person that was likely a victim of something awful himself.

There will be a message in this story that we all need to hear. It’s important to listen to what others say, either directly or indirectly. The message might not be what we want to hear but we cannot ignore it. Consequences will likely be severe.

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