HFC – book on human anatomy

Just some thoughts I have that I need to jot down here…

This may or may not matter. I found it interesting, so I wanted to share this photo album. The reason I thought it was interesting is I’m able to know which pages HFC looked at the most by the spine of the book memory. When I open the hard cover, it almost opens right to the pages most used on it’s own. These are the pages he looked at the most.

Now I know I’m probably imagining a connection, but I found the case of the Black Dahlia interesting in relation to his use of this book. The autopsy described her body as being bisected at the waist. The book was originally published in 1896, this copy shows a date of 1951. Elizabeth Short was murdered Jan. 15, 1947 and looked eerily similar to HFC’s future exwife.

Also, the Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) was buried in Oakland, CA at the Mountain View Cemetary. The same cemetary that HFC laid his own mother to rest at in 1995. Just weird to me.

Probably just a coincidence. Another coincidence.

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