My notes

I recently found my hand written notes in a journal that I was keeping while I was caring for my friend Harvey. I had already forgotten some of the things I had written down. This journal is dated 2009. He died 2.23.2009. On my mothers 75th birthday. She knew him as well and he asked about her often. He was always sweet to me. He would tell me stories about my mother and father and recalled how he liked them. It always made me feel good that we were close and that he knew my family. My journal makes me miss him. I wish I could go back in time and sit with him again. I wish I would have paid more attention to everything he said. He was really very fascinating. I still feel so honored that he chose me to care for him. I was honored to know he trusted me. I took pride in making sure he had everything he wanted and needed, especially at the very end when I was the only one there to hold his hand as he let go. These journals were an afterthought. I merely needed an outlet to vent my activities and thoughts to. I never imagined they would become so valuable to me.

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