In early 2009, after my friend Harvey passed away, I was told by my attorney that I needed to find his next of kin. Which meant I had to search through his house to look for that information. I was a single parent and I had my girls 24/7. So naturally, I brought them with me. They didn’t mind, they were always very curious and helpful when it came to helping me with our neighbor Harvey.

While he was alive, I never went to any other parts of his house besides the entryway, the living room and the kitchen. He made it clear that the other parts of his house were off limits so I didn’t wander where I was told not to go. But he was no longer there anymore so I finally got to venture into the parts of the house that I had never seen.

This particular time though, we focused on finding something with his families contact information on it. We began to look through his desk. This desk was right inside the front door, off to the right about 10 feet or so and in the room that I would call the living room. The entire room was roughly 30 feet by 25 feet. It’s where he did everything but sleep. The room and entire house was always kept at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit at all times by the use of radient oil heaters. He refused to use the central heating system. He said the system didn’t work and that it just stirred the dirt up into the air and spread bacteria througout his house. The desk area was a mess. Inside the drawers things were a bit more organized. There were actually two desks. One facing into the room where he sat most everyday, all day. His telephone was there, as well as the recording devices he used. Behind him, there was an antique roll top desk with what seemed like hundreds of little drawers and cubbies. We searched both desks. There were dozens and dozens of postage stamps from what looked like his entire life. I’d never seen so many old stamps before. He wrote a lot all the time. His drawers were full of all types of pens and pencils and drafting type instruments. The roll top desk was where we came upon the envelope. It wasnt sealed. There was clearly something inside of it that he was saving. We looked inside and I was confused. My daughter says “what are those?”…the other one said “eyelids?” It looked like human eyelids with eyelashes, dried up. They had been there a long time juding by the dust and how crunchy they seemed to feel through the envelope. We did not touch them. We put them right back in the drawer and kept searching. Eventually I found what I was looking for that day. I am not sure why I didn’t report what we had seen sooner. I just couldn’t believe that those could actually be real human eyelids. I figured no one would ever believe me. But that’s what they were. I reported this to the FBI on September 5, 2019. I have no idea where those eye lids are today.

2 responses to “Eyelids”

  1. Wow. You’re REALLY dragging this man’s name through the mud, huh?

    There’s literally nothing connecting this guy to the Zodiac, outside of some geographical locations (which also house millions of other people) and your flimsy, paranoid conjecture. Shame on you, really.

    You seem delusional to the point where you think you’ll be vindicated when your guy is finally revealed to be the Zodiac. It’s not going to happen. He’s not the Zodiac (or the Monster of Florance). You need to seek help.

    My main takeaway from reading your site is that you have mental health issues that need to be helped with therapy and medication. Take that seriously.

    This POI you have cooked up is nothing more than your old neighbor who made a grave error in trusting you. Nothing in his archives or in his biography is indicative of any criminal transgressions. He might have been eccentric, but calling him a serial killer is nothing short of insult and libel. Get a life, weirdo.


    1. Sheesh, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

      Thank you for your OPINION. I cooked nothing up. I merely brought out to the table the things I actually found while researching this persons life. I was led to the case through little clues this man left. I didn’t pick him out of a list of my neighbors and choose him. Your insults to me personally are immature and unnecessary. I am just the messenger. The truth will hopefully come out someday and the case will be solved. Until then, be well.


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