What amuses me is the fact that what I suspected of my friend actually became a real possibility as I began to start looking into the details.

So, back in 2009 when my friend died, I had no clue as to who he really was, aside from what he told me he was. He said he was a teacher/professor of linguistics. He was used by the government as a Guinea pig to test mustard gas back in 1945 when he was in the army. He was a lonely old man with no one in his life he could trust, especially his family. But he trusted me. He knew I was worthy of his trust. I genuinely cared for him for as long as I can remember. I never saw him as someone scary. Even though I was warned, I never felt he would hurt me.

Now, fast forward to 2019 and 10 years since his death and many many hours spent researching unsolved murders, researching the Zodiac Killer crime details, the theories, his documents, and knowing him personally, I can conclude that my suspicions I’ve only had for the last 10 years since his death carry weight in the grand scheme of things. I would have argued with anyone that said he was the zodiac killer prior to his death but not anymore.

How is it that when I first suspected him of the crimes that after researching him I’ve found many many many connections? I can tell you that if I were to research my own father that I would never find any connection to the crimes and would conclude he was not the zodiac killer. But when I began to look into Harvey, I’ve found nothing whatsoever to exclude him as the perpetrator. How can anyone explain it?

This is not stuff I’ve forced to fit. I have never forced any part of it. I’ve merely found connection after connection between them and have brought it out to the attention to anyone who will listen.


4 responses to “Likelihood”

  1. Hi DJ,

    I thought they had Zodiac’s fingerprints but nothing in the databases matched.  Why the need for expensive DNA testing? If you have items from this person could they not pull fingerprints from them and exclude or match them?  Or do you just get no response at all?


    1. I’ve never gotten much of a response from any of the police departments I’ve contacted. Its low on their priorities list. I have his army enlistment documents with his fingerprints on them to compare to. I wish they would come knocking.


  2. You have over 4000 documents,drawings, pictures, 8mm films and other artifacts of his. You have shared maybe twenty with me and posted more online. The evidence is clear and the connections are beyond persuasion .like you said there is no need to “force” conclusions because the evidence provides the natural truth that he was the Zodiac killer.


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