Arabs take over America

2025: The United States of America and its Government, including our law enforcement agencies and all public services has been shattered by a massive, deadly stand of force by a large group of Arab American immigrants. Gas pumps are dry, convenience stores are closed, trucking lines are shut down.

Waking up this morning, the reality of the situation is clear. There’s no television, no radio, no emergency alert systems or news broadcasting of any kind. Initial reports are that the agencies that provide the public these services have been shut down, closed, taken by force and there are fatalities in the thousands, probably more.

The group claiming to be behind this terroristic act is warning the public that soon there will be no gas or electricity service to anyone. They claim to have gained control of our utilities including gas and electricity, water and sewer, banks and money, transportation, postal services, food and liquor, travel and tourism. The entire internet system has had a major security breach. Every bit of information each of us have ever entered into our own computers, whether on the internet or not, is now in the hands of these very powerful, wealthy, dangerously intelligent people.

Fires are burning out of control all across the country. Local fire departments are empty, police departments empty. The country is gripped in fear and standing ground on their own personal homefront. Rumors are spreading that we must arm ourselves heavily against these militants. Protect your family, pets and property with force. There is no longer the laws we once obeyed. Every man, woman and child for themselves. Shelter in place and await further contact.

I can see what’s coming. I didn’t write this to insult any person, race or religion. I am merely predicting what is coming. It’s already too late to stop it. I’ve seen it coming for roughly 10 years now. We will not have another President of the United States after Donald Trump’s term ends in 2024. Donald Trump will be blamed for the terrorist events and acts that will be committed against America and all of it’s people. The reality of that is: the problem started many years before Trump became our President. Allowing anyone and everyone into our Country to live any way they want opened us up for this to happen. We welcomed immigrants with open arms. We invited them to start businesses and buy property and become important members of our cities, towns and neighborhoods. They slowly bought up our convenience stores, trucking lines, motels and hotels, gas stations, liquor stores. Things we all use every single day. Things we need to continue to live our lives the way we have always known. This is coming. It’s already happening and it’s already too late to stop it. It’s only a matter of time now before they complete their mission of taking control of our Nation.

The reality of that is: the problem started many years before Trump became our President. Allowing anyone and everyone into our Country to live any way they want opened us up for this to happen.

Imagine what life will be like.

[Disclaimer: This is only my opinion/prediction/fear based upon my own personal observations. I believe I am able to sense the intentions of some of these individuals I’ve crossed paths with over the years. A person’s eyes are truly windows into their soul. I believe I am able to see an evil in their eyes that other’s cannot see.]

Today’s news: 10.27.2019 –

Today: 10.28.19 – all we are doing is showing how vulnerable we are as a nation when our electricity is shut off by PG&E. We are a weak country. We are slaves to our electrical devices. They are watching and observing how we react to the lack of electricity. They are keeping tabs on who is able to still function and who is completely shut down. They will use this information to gain control and paralyze us. I still say “arm yourself heavily people!” We are running out of time.

3 responses to “Arabs take over America”

  1. Wait wait… 2025 can we still smoke pot?


    1. Haha! I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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