My Uncle

My Uncle, who was my Father’s younger brother, passed away recently and I have been going through documents and photos he gave me several years ago.

One booklet in particular, titled Ahnenpaß, has a quote on the first page from Adolf Hitler. It reads…

There is only one sanctified human right, and this is the same as the holy obligation, namely, to ensure that the blood remains pure in order to preserve the possibility of a nobler development of these creatures by preserving the best of humanity.  Adolf Hitler

The book goes on with my blood lines, documents back into the 1700’s and is stamped with some sort of seal of approval as shown in this photo…

I don’t speak much German, especially this font. I would like to find out more about what this is and why it was given to me specifically? I am the youngest in the Family. I assume that must have something to do with it?

Interesting, nonetheless!

2 responses to “My Uncle”

  1. geuss its a check if th e family was of pure germanic blood. kinda everyone else got destroyed by the nazis, is a very bad something that paper, but kinda made your family survive bcz they were pure germanic


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