Get Over It

I am not able to comprehend why “your (my)” sibling would not tell “you (me)” they have cancer when they told everyone but “you (me)”?

Jealousy rots people, just the same as greed and having an inferiority complex.

I saw a little pillow with a saying on it the other day that said “build a bridge and get over it”.

This is a simple statement that isn’t always easy to do. I have done my best to become a woman that can still trust others and to love deeply and care for people that probably (and most definitely) don’t deserve it. I fight the bitterness at times but all I have to do to be reminded of who I am and how unique I am is walk outside and sit somewhere in my yard quietly, by myself. Slowly, one by one, my animals that mean everything to me find me and give me the company I need when I need it. My daughters also have a way of reminding me how important and loved I am. They have grown into such beautiful young women that are not driven by any ugly emotions like so many others are. I take great pride in how I raised them to appreciate people and experiences rather than what money can buy them.

I was blessed to get from my Father something no amount of money can ever buy. I would not trade what that is for any thing in this world. I have built that bridge and I’m almost to the other side now. Just a couple more steps and it’s all irrelevant to my life from that point forward.

Cancer is no joke but I can’t care for someone that lives life hating who I am so much that he can’t see the bigger picture and just let me be his sister. As if not telling me is doing anyone any good? Not only was I not told, but my sisters knew and they have only been a part of our lives maybe 2 years. They were put up for adoption as babies and found me recently. The whole family said I was I liar but we did the DNA and now they are accepted with open arms and I am shunned. They were all told not to tell me he has cancer. Even my real estate agent knew and was told not to tell me.

When I confronted him and asked directly if he was sick, he confirmed it and went into his inheritance and how he is winning and insulted me by saying I’m crazy and my kids are fucking losers…when all I said to him was I want to be there for him and that I love him. That bridge is exit only. No looking back anymore. Family is not automatically thicker than water. I’m just glad I got the better traits that could be inherited.

So, the lesson for today is JUST GET OVER IT. Walk your fine ass out the door and stay happy!

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