Karman (Carmin) Ghia

4 responses to “Karman (Carmin) Ghia”

  1. So “WA” means 92. So the phone number is 922 – 2104. 45 might be the number of the operator back then. A caller would connect with an operator back then and ask for “Washington 2” (WA)…2104. You should call it and see where it goes


    1. I guess I could try different area codes with that number. Most likely it’s been reassigned to someone different since then. But worth a try.


  2. What is the significance of this? Is this a Zodiac thing?


    1. Yes, the Zodiac Killer wrote on the car door at the Lake Berryessa crime scene. It was a Karman Ghia. But there is also a theory that the killer drove a Karman Ghia. I found that in an address book and thought it was an odd coincidence.


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