My heart is broken no more!

Update! I got a call on Saturday afternoon from a neighbor about a mile away who has been caring for my cat for about 10 days. She told me she saw my post on social media and contacted me to be reunited with him. What a wonderful day! Nothing like this usually ever happens for me. I’m so grateful for good samaritans like my neighbor. I’m so happy to have him home with me. She had him neutered and all his vaccines done and wanted nothing from me for it. Amazing!

My boy has been missing now for 8 days. My heart is broken. Someone stole him from me. He was the only good thing to come into my life for many years. This year has been nothing but a nightmare so far.

4 responses to “My heart is broken no more!”

  1. Stolen or coyotes?


    1. He was returned to me by a neighbor. Thank goodness!


  2. Don’t know if this helpful, but had a cat come by my house once and just loved all over me. Kept coming back until one day he decided he wanted to stay. Knew where he came from. Talked to the wife and she was okay with it. Stayed about three months. Then decided to go back home. Never came back.


    1. I guess sometimes they are just meant to be a part of our lives for a short time. I am still searching for him. It’ll go the way it’s meant to be and I will just have to accept it. Thank you for your comment. ❤


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