Moral Compass

One thing that I am not, is a liar.

I don’t thrive on telling stories that aren’t true. I don’t automatically spit out a lie when I’m asked a question.

But this rule of mine has exceptions to it.

I’ve always been a bit gullible, naive, or what I call ignorant bliss. I’ve been taken advantage of and hurt deeply by people that I thought I could trust. I’ve come to a point in my life now where I really don’t want any people around me. People cause me major stress. The people that seem to never go away are the one’s I need to learn to trust the least.

I’m on a journey of evolution, just like everyone else. I lived my life backwards. And I wouldn’t change anything if I could. Well, maybe one thing. But that’s not important now.

I just pray that I have the strength to do what it is going to take to accomplish my goals. What am I saying? Of course I do.

Any day now….any…day…now!

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