His memories

These drawings make me wonder who these people were. Were they people he knew? Or people he’d seen? Could they have been victims? Or targets? Who’s identity is in question in front of the judge? A king? Who is king? I see this stuff and to me I am able to put a story together about who this man was and it screams to me his guilt.

I was able to get his daughter to do a DNA test but now I’m not sure how to get her to submit it to a site where it could be examined by law enforcement. There seems to be something stirring in the case lately. Hopefully it’s an announcement about anything! Even if it’s that they don’t have enough evidence. Just throw a bone so the anxiety and anticipation will subside. I’ve realized I’m a pretty damn good detective through all this digging I’ve had to do. Its brought more to light than I ever imagined was there.