Here is the link to the documents I’ve scanned from the originals, for your reference.

I am interested to know what you make of these documents? Just on their own, what type of person was the author? I’m curious to have other opinions on these papers.

4 responses to “Link”

  1. Hello, I’ve read quite a bit of the documents you have copied and submitted re Harvey and I have yet to see anything that ties him to the Zodiac (at least not in the papers I have taken the time to read thus far). So as to not spend another 5 hours of endless reading on my part in order to pinpoint those precise documents that support your theory, could you identify them for me so I can read those please? As far as my thoughts on what I have read… Harvey appeared to be a highly intellectual man that was educated in the field of psychology of some sort related to human sexual functions/responses as well as mechanical engineering and chemistry. Looks like he was trying to develop an anti-gravity craft of some sort as depicted in his drawings and chemical formulas relative to the reactions of Hydrogen and Chlorine (not something you want to mix without safety gear and a respirator). Other papers I viewed looked like accounting notes of expenditures in addition to numbers closely resembling the Dewey Decimal System used to organize books in a library. And of course all the personal papers involving family and everyday life common to many people. I did however glean a good clue from one of the posts that responded that points directly to another suspect not yet divulged to anyone other than the FBI and the police departments involved with the Zodiac case. For that, I am grateful!


    1. Thank you for your comment and the information you’ve given. I wish there was one document that I could direct you to that would be the smoking gun but there isn’t one particular page. Instead, it’s the combination of the entire lot of documents that gives you the clues about who Harvey was. Extensive research has been done by many investigators and the conclusion they came up with is the same as all the other good suspects over the years; lots of clues but no smoking gun. Harvey was found to be in the areas of the crimes when the crimes were committed. These documents also give clues to other areas Harvey lived where when those areas were researched they found other unsolved, mysterious cases of murder with similar circumstances to the known Zodiac crimes. One is in Moscow, Idaho in the late 1960’s and another one is in Huntington Beach, California in 1968. The documents in the cloud share gave the information about those areas to look for more possible crimes. Also, knowing him personally for so many years, I have a knowledge about him that is difficult to describe without sounding as if I’m trying to fit him into the case because there are so many similarities to what is known about the Zodiac Killer and Harvey. For example, law enforcement theorized that the Zodiac Killer may have had a military background, very likely had issues with women, was a recluse, had ties with the school system, was able to travel freely during certain times of the year and may have had a higher than average I.Q.. Its really a subject that I can go on for hours about. If I were to bet on the case, I’d put all my money on Harvey. There’s no doubt in my mind that he was the Zodiac Killer. But of course, it’s just my opinion based on everything I’ve seen and know. I’d be happy to talk more if you’d like to email me. I’m curious who you are referring to that was a suspect not yet exposed to the public in the case?


  2. Wow…you give it all away? Now anyone can claim they discovered it and not you. There goes your book.

    Why did you give it all up like this?


    1. No one else can claim it. I am the one with all the original documents.


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