I can’t help thinking that this virus outbreak, although might be an actual thing, that there is more to it than we are being told.

I immediately thought that my prediction about a terrorist invasion and takeover is coming true, albeit 5 years earlier than I sensed it would happen.

I still wholeheartedly believe that it’s no coincidence that the Indians have already invaded and have very deliberately bought up every liquor store, gas station, convenience store, smoke shop, motel, hotel, and are more common as truck drivers now than our white people or even the Mexicans.

I think we are all being duped by the Indians. They are smart, wealthy, hate-filled people. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. They didn’t just stop wanting to take over the United States after 9/11. They had to become smarter about it and that’s what they did. They used the ones already here to learn about our people. Our weaknesses. Our patterns and habits. They know we are a very gullible nation. We are vulnerable to them and it’s really too late to do anything about it now.

This coronavirus outbreak could have been a silent biological attack on our people to weaken us and wipe out the weak. I am quite sure the way we’ve been living for the last couple of weeks is how the Indians have had to always live their lives. It’s nothing new to them. But it has crippled our entire system. This will never get better. It’s time to reorganize and rethink everything. If we are to survive.

Best of everything to my readers during this time. I hope everyone is able to stay healthy and bounce back quickly from this devastation.

I’m doing my part by practicing social distancing and sheltering at home. It’s really nothing new for me as I am and always have been a solitary independent person. The only thing different in my life is the fact that there’s less and less food on the shelves at the store here. I am planning to plant a vegetable garden soon and will be picking up some chicks so I will have fresh eggs and if need be, chicken to eat once they’re grown. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that but it’s better to have a plan, just in case.