More research needs to be done with regards to this map.

This map of California shows certain cities circled. All pen and pencil markings were made by Harvey.

Santa Maria was where Harvey lived when he was a professor at Hancock College in the early 1960’s. During the same period of time, the Zodiac Killer was active in this same area. Lompoc Prowler, the Domingez/Edward’s murder at Gaviota State Beach, Cheri Jo Bates, the murder of Ray Davis, Janet Walker, the Swindles, Jane Doe in Huntington Beach in 1969, and many more that line up seamlessly.

Why would he circle these cities? We lived in Pleasanton. Are there unsolved cases here? Yes. Several are suspected to be Zodiac Killer crimes. The couple in Sunol comes to mind. Has anyone looked for possible victims in Mountain View and Redwood City?

In the early 1970s, there was a murderer operating in and around Santa Rosa, California. These string of killings are known as The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders and consist of twenty-one confirmed murders of young girls and women that were hitchhiking in the area and picked up by a motorist, murdered and their bodies dumped into ravines down embankments. The method of death was not always the same. Some were strangled, some were beaten to death, some were hogtied and others were too decomposed by the time they were found that the cause of death was not known. The common belief is that this is likely not the Zodiac Killer since in some of the cases, law enforcement has facts that the victim was raped. I disagree. I get a strong sense that the crimes were committed by the same individual as in the Zodiac Killer slayings. I believe this map was used by the perpetrator of these killings in and around Santa Rosa. I believe Harvey was responsible for these crimes.

These marks on this map are put there by Harvey for a specific reason. We know he was attempting to track his ex wife and their daughter. Some of these cities were where they were known to have stayed or lived for a period of time. Some of these cities are known to have crimes committed by the Zodiac Killer. I have a hunch there are unsolved crimes in these areas that can be linked to the Zodiac and there are probably crimes that were committed that someone else was accused of and likely convicted of. Someone innocent. Could this be a reason the case has taken so long to solve? Well, one of many reasons perhaps? He warned us that his crimes would look like accidents and random deaths and he wouldn’t ever be suspected for them. What a huge undertaking to straighten it all out. I think it’s time to start doing some digging in these areas for odd crimes and strange circumstances that could be attributed to the Zodiac Killer.

This is one of Harvey’s pens. He had an ink well on his desk as well.