The Connections

Here is a list of connections that have been found so far to date. I’m going off memory, so if I’ve forgotten anything you’ve discovered, please contact me so we can get it in this list.

  • The suspects tire tracks and description of car (from possible witnesses) at Lake Berryessa crime scene match the car my POI drove in 1969. The photo below (and above) was taken in 1969 at “the Ranch” (somewhere in Patterson, CA). You can see in this photo that the tires are mismatched in the front and look to be quite worn. The measurements taken by investigators indicated a tire track width that matches the tire track width found for this particular Sunbeam car.
“The Ranch, 1969”
Police report regarding the tire tracks at the Lake Berryessa crime scene, 1969

  • A document written by Mr. Colliver found by a user on a Zodiac Killer website shows a connection to the case by referring to women (whores) in Tracy, Vallejo and Benicia. It is a list of women’s names and suggestion of some other women that he had had sex with throughout his life.
His little list

  • Film boxes were found in the garage of his home after he had already passed. They stood out as possibly being a clue due to the symbol drawn on them.

  • The document below seems to be a confession of guilt. The wording “I have killed” and “I have a headache” remind us of the call made by the Zodiac Killer to the Jim Dunbar radio show where he claims to have “killed a kid” and he gets “headaches” because of it.

Timeline 1925 to 2009

Here is a link to the timeline.

Taking the timeline above, Mr. Colliver was in the vicinity of crimes committed or possibly committed by the Zodiac Killer in each instance. No other suspect that has been brought forward in the case can be confirmed to their whereabouts during each crime that was committed except for Mr. Colliver.

Please click on the links for more information from the list below.

Ray Davis – Oceanside, CA 1962

Domingos/Edwards – Gaviota 1963

Joyce Walker – Manhattan Beach 1964

Cheri Jo Bates – Riverside 1966

Jane Doe – Huntington Beach 1968

Janice Foiles – Moscow, ID 1969

Kathleen Johns – Patterson, CA 1970

The names on this list above are unsolved murders that might be the work of the Zodiac Killer. They are all cases that are still open in the cities where Mr. Colliver was known to have been living or working in during the times of these murders.

The confirmed unsolved Zodiac Killer cases in the San Francisco Bay Area listed below also fit into the whereabouts of Mr. Colliver at the time they were committed.

Jensen/Faraday – Benicia 1968

Ferrin/Mageau – Vallejo 1969

Shepard/Hartnell – Lake Berryessa 1969

Paul Stine – San Francisco 1969

There is also this connection:

Zodiac Map

This is the map the Zodiac Killer mailed June 26, 1970. The black circles with arrows point to dots that were discovered by a user on The two circles near Livermore represent the two dots that were found to be connected to Mr. Colliver.

Zodiac Map

Here is a closer version of the map. You can see the two dots, one over Pleasanton and the other is on Union City. Mr. Collivers home was where the Pleasanton dot is and his brother Ray lived where the Union City dot is.

More about the map connection…

The more I look into Mr. Colliver, the more connections I find.

The composite sketch has been the subject of debate from the very beginning of this case. Skeptics argue the fact that the sketch shouldn’t be taken too seriously since the witness descriptions vary in all of the cases.

Mr. Colliver 1962 or 1963, El Cerrito, CA
Zodiac Killer Composite Sketch
Mr. Colliver sketch comparison
Another comparison

Mr. Collivers weight fluctuated quite a bit in his younger days. His drivers license description varied from 150 pounds to 180 pounds and his height went from 5’6″ to 5’8″. He mentions in his documents where he had been consumed with something for 30 years and that now that it’s over he can focus on his next project. He then began to take on a strict exercise regime and built elaborate machines out of wood in his dining room and his garage. I believe his obsession with exercise was his way of working to change his appearance so as to relieve his guilty conscience.

Home-made gym in dining room.
The view looking in from the front door.
Garage Gym
Garage gym
Garage Gym

Another criticized source of evidence is his handwriting. This is a comparison I did in 2018.

Handwriting Comparison

Type comparison

The comparison above is of the citizen card (1969) and a letter (1964) Harvey typed to his mother. Note the similarities in the font, spacing and slant of the letters and words between these two documents typed roughly 5 years apart. The letter on the left is from the Zodiac Killer and the letter on the right is from Harvey. Could the same typewriter have been used for both of these letters?

Passionate About Art

Mr. Colliver was an artist. He not only sculpted with clay, he also worked with wood and most notably, he drew portraits and people very well. After bringing his works to the attention of the Zodiac Killer community online, connections were found in some of his drawings.

Could this be Betty Lou Jensen in the drawing?

What about these drawings?

Many more can be found by following this link.

Mr. Colliver had a very distinct voice. Below you will find links to audio recordings I’ve processed from cassette tapes he used to record his phone calls with various people. In some of these recordings, he talks about being on the FBI’s most wanted list, he casually jokes about killing masses of people and getting away with it, he tries to affirm the fact that the police are corrupt and uses the Detective Mark Fuhrman in the case of Nicole Brown-Simpsons’ murder as an example of the corruption that happens. He also discusses the unsolved murder case of Jon Benet-Ramsey and his favorite subject about how women are inferior and stupid, slow and worthless.


Audio – Jon Benet-Ramsey

Audio – Patterson

Audio – Most wanted

Audio – Road to Reno

6 responses to “The Connections”

  1. Hi! I was looking into the Zodiac case after the recent (very shaky, unconvincing) allegations against one Gary Francis Poste. I found your blog through Reddit.

    A lot of your information on Mr. Colliver is very compelling. Have you reported any of it to the FBI or the local police department in the area? If not, I think it’s definitely worth a shot. This guy seems fascinating, and I’m sure the FBI could make good use of all these documents by comparing them to what canon Zodiac info already exists.

    Also, was Mr. Colliver buried or cremated? If — and this is a big if — a law enforcement agency decides to compare prints/DNA, they might want to exhume him.

    And an extra note: somewhere on this blog, I remember you comparing Mr. Colliver’s “citizen” handwriting to that found on a potential Zodiac letter. While interesting, the first thing I noticed is that Mr. Colliver consistently wrote his lowercase ‘i’s without dotting them, whereas the Zodiac did dot his lowercase ‘i’s. Small inconsistency, but I don’t think it necessarily destroys your case.

    Thanks for sharing your findings! Don’t give up!


  2. The dunbar show caller was found so it wan’t HIM. The weird thing about that is ALA befriended a mental patient while he worked at a hospital AND claimed to have contacted Belli… This mental patient claimed he became obsessed with Belli and that’s why he called him. He also called him at his home, right before real Z sent a letter to belli. Seems fishy to me… I’m sure son of sam was taking his name from the phone call Sam. Regardless that call was not made by z BUT his influence could be there…did you suspect spend time in a nuthouse…with this guy perhaps. His name was Eric Weil I Think? We don’t know who ala’s nut was due to privacy concerns…lol


  3. Did your POI have ANY interaction with the Riverside school? Like help with art dept stuff or anything like that? Any ties to Sullivan (or other suspects) for example? Did he frequent DINERS at all? Thanks.


  4. i don’t think Harvey was a misogynist… i think he was a realist and honest to his own perspective… and you know i think most real people he interacted with realised that… but, some might have been roughed up by his being matter of fact — and hung themselves with their own rope?


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