Contacted Vallejo PD

I contacted the Vallejo Detective working on the case. Actually just left a message for him to call me but haven’t heard from him. They still haven’t called me back from my messages I left 11 years ago. None of the Police Departments have ever called me back. It is ridiculous.

4 responses to “Contacted Vallejo PD”

  1. Just saw this. If the Vallejo PD won’t do anything about it, it might be time to contact the FBI. Especially with all of the renewed interest stirred up by the Gary Francis Poste allegations, you might find some ground. I know you have made some noise about Mr. Culliver on Reddit in the past, but, again, the renewed interest might help it catch fire this time if you write a detailed post.

    Rooting for you!


  2. Ever hear back from law enforcement?


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